The Cinnamon Bear

Growing up, I (Jon) remember finishing dinner, walking to the entry way (where my advent candy calendar was), untying a candy cane, turn on 1190AM (KEX) and laying down next to a speaker to listen to an installment of The Cinnamon Bear. Originally broadcast in 1937, The Cinnamon Bear is the story of two siblings who get lost in another world while looking in their attic for the star that goes on their Christmas Tree. The story takes place over 26, 15 minute installments that traditionally start on November 29, and go through Christmas Eve. Many radio stations across the country still broadcast The Cinnamon Bear, but now, you can have The Cinnamon Bear for yourself…

Get Rich Slowly, a blog that I follow occasionally, has posted all of the episodes (which are now in public domain) for free download. Listening to The Cinnamon Bear at Christmas time is a tradition that I still vividly remember and I hope that Blaise cherishes this story as much as I do.

One thought on “The Cinnamon Bear

  1. Jon, it is so fun to see this blog for the Cinnamon Bear. Ella has been listening on the radio again this year. She listens at 7 pm while she is in the bathtub. Now, Jon D, is getting hooked on it also. I am so glad that you have such fond memories of this little radio story. I think that you know that Dad and I both listened to it when we were little.

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